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Blauvelt,  06/06/2018

Digital Tools Help Manage ad Track Process, Turning Ordinary Blister Pack into Efficient Patient Compliance Montoritoring Tool

Schreiner MediPharm Develops Smart Blister Pack to Enhance Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

Printed electronics and smart sensors turn a standard blister pack into a modern compliance monitoring tool.

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for over 65 years, working in conjunction with the Dutch technology company ECCT (Experts in Communications & Connectivity Technology), has developed a smart blister pack for a global pharmaceutical corporation to enhance medication adherence by clinical trial participants. The introduction of this innovative electronic tool for managing and tracking processes during clinical trials marks a milestone for this global group of companies.

Clinical trials are normally conducted on an international scale and require high accuracy, reliable workflow, efficiency, speed and flexibility. Conventional, non-automated processes are frequently error-prone. Medication adherence by participating patients, however, is a key factor for the successful outcome of clinical trials, but often difficult to track. For instance, based on a rule of thumb, 20 percent of patients do not adhere to the therapy. Accordingly, an increase of the patient population by 60 percent is necessary to compensate for the lack of clarity in the results.

To address these challenges, Schreiner MediPharm, in cooperation with ECCT and the pharmaceutical corporation, developed a smart packaging solution for patient compliance monitoring: Pressing a tablet out of the blister pack generates data in real time such as the type of medication, the time of extraction and the respective cavity. This information is automatically stored in the smart package and transmitted to a database via a smartphone app or reader. Compliance of the respective patient is thereby tracked. Additionally, it is possible to send the patient a reminder to take the medication, to adjust the dose and to assist trial participants with interactive communication between the physician and patient in the interest of medication adherence.

The smart packaging solution includes printed electronics without impacting the packaging design. A database platform enables diverse data transfers and analyses. Schreiner MediPharm supplies the required expertise in innovative printing technology and ECCT the smart sensors.

The utilization of the digital patient compliance monitoring tool significantly reduces the manual documentation for the pharmaceutical corporation. Complex therapies and trial processes can be adapted with greater flexibility, the delinquency rate due to proven non-compliance reduced and data quality optimized. In addition, the smart packaging solution can shorten the overall trial period and accelerate the approval process for new medicines.

About ECCT
Under the tradename Confrérie Clinique, ECCT B.V. developed a smart medication system for smart blisters, bottles and syringes. ECCT offers both hardware and software to the pharmaceutical industry and has a close cooperation with Schreiner MediPharm to offer full supply chain solutions. ECCT can design a smart solution for every medication package and has a long history in engineering support and services.

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