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Schreiner Group Products

Schreiner Group Products: Customized Solutions

The Schreiner Group business units offer customized solutions for countless industries.

  Label Application and Processing

Application and processing of specialty labels and customized product solutions should lend itself to perfectly smooth integration into existing processes. This requires appropriate equipment and systems as well as tailored connections.


Specialty labels for authentication prove that an item is original. They serve as evidence of counterfeits, prevent unauthorized access or seal confidential documents and equipment requiring tamper protection.

  Ventilation of Housings

Electronics are not installed in an absolute vacuum but in a component surrounded by air. Their operation combined with external influences such as changes in temperature can result in excess or negative pressure inside the housing. Pressure differences heavily stress assemblies and their components, and may cause damage to the housing through which water or dirt may enter. A Pressure Compensation Seal (PCS) that equalizes pressure differences and, at the same time, ensures that neither water nor oils or fuels can enter the housing from the outside can be essential to the smooth operation of electronics.

The PCS product solutions from Schreiner ProTech offer:

  • Secure retention: fastening by self-adhesive coating or ultrasonic welding
  • High airflow rate for fast compensation of pressure differences between the housing and the environment
  • High water retention capability
  • High product design flexibility: PCS are variable in terms of shape, size, material and adhesive - customized solutions are possible
  • No mechanical fastening to the housing, eliminating the need to change the housing geometry
  • Low height < 0.5 mm
  • Packaging on rolls for manual or automatic application for ease of handling, integration into manufacturing line is possible

  Printed Electronics

Electronics in Film (EIF) are conductive printed or die-cut structures on thin and flexible film substrates that can conduct low current flows. EIF performs many functions of traditional electronic applications but offers a crucial advantage compared with conventional technology: low height of less than a millimeter combined with minimal weight, as well as high flexibility and bendability. For instance, this enables the integration of EIF behind exquisitely designed curved surfaces or into tight assembly spaces. 

Fields of Application:


  • Flat and flexible film structure (approx. 50 - 300µ) with minimal weight
  • Flexible choice of materials according to specific customer requirements and adjusted to the respective application: conductive paste printing, die-cut parts from conductive films, e.g. copper- or aluminum-based
  • Transparent film substrates for functions involving transmitted light
  • Easy integration into the customer’s product due to self-adhesive coating of the film
  • Easy bonding with customer electronics by plug connections, crimping or conductive gluing possible


Labels make it possible to provide all kinds of information a manufacturer desires or – for legal reasons as in the case of medicines – is even required to place on a product or packaging. 

  Marking, Identification and Documentation

Labels mark a wide range of products, enable their identification and allow for precise documentation of diverse processes – from administering vaccinations to installing technical components in cars. 

  Value Added Services

Many customers require label-related services, such as laboratory tests of materials, or assistance with mounting, further processing or assembly processes. They desire consulting support, training and maintenance for dispensing systems, as well as assistance with optimizing supply chain processes, and to cover requirements for small batch sizes on short notice.

  Protection and Validation

Specialty labels serve to provide protection, safety and security, covering a wide range of possible applications. Diverse protective labels are available for uses extending from the protection of sensitive surfaces, protection secret information or PINs during shipment to counterfeiting and tampering protection for medicines, as well as needle traps for syringes. 

  Joining, Fastening and Suspending

Specialty labels perform various functions: they can join assembly components or even serve to suspend infusion bottles in healthcare settings by means of an integrated tear-resistant hanger.