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  Marking, Labels and Nameplates
Kennzeichnungsetiketten von Schreiner ProTech

Customized labels mark various products, make it possible to identify them, and allow for careful documentation of a variety of actions and processes – for instance when installing technical elements in cars.

From single- to multi-layer composites, from analog to digital printing techniques, as colored or monochrome versions, due to a large material mix and diverse machinery, Schreiner ProTech meets practically any customer requirement.

PreScript labels are marking solutions which are pre-printed with all the desired data. PolyScript labels on the other hand provide space for customized subsequent printing using TTR or inkjet printing techniques at the customer’s site. Variable text, numbers or codes are printed, generated and managed as required as well.

Challenges include difficult substrates, harsh environmental influences or labels that are subject to official approval.

Our Pre-Polyscript product demonstrator visualizes the various elements that can be integrated into a parts marking solution.

Examples of the various fields of application and related system solutions can be found here:

  RFID and NFC

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) refers to a technology that enables data identification via radio without visual contact. There are three main applications where RFID labels for product marking make sense: if it is essential that data be gathered quickly, if there is no direct visual contact with the label or if the label is at risk of becoming illegible during its service life due to environmental influences.

As part of RFID technology, NFC (Near Field Communication) is tailored to mobile readout via smartphone and allows interactive labeling.

  Brand Protection

Customized marking labels and system solutions offer reliable and efficient authentication, tamper evidence or track & trace options for products and documents, as required. 

  Laser Films

Color Laser Film (CLF) is superbly suited for creating self-adhesive nameplates and nameplate sets on Nd:YAG, vanadate and fiber laser systems. The contactless laser marking process takes place inside the material composite underneath a transparent protective film. As a result, the marking process is emission-free and the nameplates are particularly scratch-resistant and durable.

This video shows the laser marking process in real-time: Watch Video

  Ventilation of Housings

Electronics are not installed in an absolute vacuum but in a component surrounded by air. Their operation combined with external influences such as changes in temperature can result in excess or negative pressure inside the housing. Pressure differences heavily stress assemblies and their components, and may cause damage to the housing through which water or dirt may enter. A Pressure Compensation Seal (PCS) that equalizes pressure differences and, at the same time, ensures that neither water nor oils or fuels can enter the housing from the outside can be essential to the smooth operation of electronics.

The PCS product solutions from Schreiner ProTech offer:

  • Secure retention: fastening by self-adhesive coating or ultrasonic welding
  • High airflow rate for fast compensation of pressure differences between the housing and the environment
  • High water retention capability
  • High product design flexibility: PCS are variable in terms of shape, size, material and adhesive - customized solutions are possible
  • No mechanical fastening to the housing, eliminating the need to change the housing geometry
  • Low height < 0.5 mm
  • Packaging on rolls for manual or automatic application for ease of handling, integration into manufacturing line is possible

  Paint Mask

Paint mask films prevent contamination by paint of the area to be protected. By means of a starter tab, the protective films can be easily peeled off after the painting process. Multi-layer designs for repeated painting processes are available as well. 

  Protective Films

Dust, dirt, oil, chemicals and corrosion: General industrial and automotive components are processed, shipped and stored. This often entails exposure to harsh weather conditions and diverse environmental influences. Reliable protection is vital to ensuring impeccable processing and perfect performance of the products. The protection films from Schreiner ProTech cover components of various sizes, shapes and surfaces, either permanently or temporarily, which makes them an ideal solution for your products.

  Occupant Safety

Passive safety in automobiles thanks to functional labels: Labels for occupant protection encompass solutions for airbags, also known as supplemental restraint systems (SRS), in the car. The products are customized to suit any requirement, be they intended for frontal airbags, side airbags, knee airbags or head airbags. 

  Printed Electronics

Electronics in Film (EIF) are conductive printed or die-cut structures on thin and flexible film substrates that can conduct low current flows. EIF performs many functions of traditional electronic applications but offers a crucial advantage compared with conventional technology: low height of less than a millimeter combined with minimal weight, as well as high flexibility and bendability. For instance, this enables the integration of EIF behind exquisitely designed curved surfaces or into tight assembly spaces.

Fields of Application:


  • Flat and flexible film structure (approx. 50 - 300µ) with minimal weight
  • Flexible choice of materials according to specific customer requirements and adjusted to the respective application: conductive paste printing, die-cut parts from conductive films, e.g. copper- or aluminum-based
  • Transparent film substrates for functions involving transmitted light
  • Easy integration into the customer’s product due to self-adhesive coating of the film
  • Easy bonding with customer electronics by plug connections, crimping or conductive gluing possible

  Adhesive Bonding

Adhesion - guaranteed to stick! Adhesive die-cut parts from Schreiner ProTech are the solution to a wide variety of challenges in the field of joining and fastening. Pressure-sensitive adhesives clearly simplify and accelerate manufacturing processes, and additionally offer the following advantages:

Adhesive die-cut parts effectively and reliably join components even if they’re made of different materials. Uniform distribution of force across the entire length of the component prevents unilateral, isolated loads. Processing is clean and fast, without drying and curing times or trails of adhesive left on components, which eliminates related maintenance requirements.

Adhesive die-cut parts can even perform additional functions such as height, pressure and temperature compensation, protection, sealing or insulating. Suitable materials and geometries are selected and utilized by Schreiner ProTech according to the application - and may also be combined with an application unit from Schreiner ProTech.

  Label Application and Processing

Application and processing of specialty labels and customized product solutions should lend itself to perfectly smooth integration into existing processes. This requires appropriate equipment and systems as well as tailored connections.