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Hier finden Sie alle Pressemitteilungen von Schreiner ProTech aus den vergangenen Jahren. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Geschäftsbereich und seine innovativen Lösungen. Sollten Sie Fragen haben oder Informationen zu weiteren Themen benötigen, melden Sie sich gerne.

Schreiner ProTech US

The mini pressure compensation seal (PCS) from Schreiner ProTech was selected by First Sensor, a global leader in sensor technology, as the closure solution for the housings of its air conditioning control units. The small, self-adhesive membrane combines effective equalization of pressure differences inside the housing with reliable interior protection against liquids, dirt and other harmful agents. By combining these functional features, the mini PCS assures the accuracy of sensors used for measuring volumetric flow rates.     Weiterlesen

Schreiner ProTech US

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for engineering-based industries, has opened a U.S. subsidiary at the Blauvelt, NY American headquarters of its parent company, Schreiner Group LP. Longtime company sales manager Matthias J. Tuebel has been named Sales Director, North America.     Weiterlesen